Welcome to Concierge Telemedicine

Welcome to MoonlightMed
We are a subspeciality-focused Virtual Care Platform, where discerning patients can find specialized Physicians and Surgeons offering Online Telehealth visits.

Don’t delay your healthcare needs. Get answers NOW!

Physician response time within 24-36 hours

Why Choose MoonlightMed for my Helathcare Needs?

Do you like extra time? Do you like extra money? If your medical condition is not urgent or emergent, why spend the time and money to drive to a specialists office when you can now be seen online 24/7 via an asynchronous telemedicne visit with one of our MoonlightMed physicians or surgeons.

Our flat pricing structure is simple and transparent. No insurrance hassels!

We offer the services of board certified and fellowship trained medical and surgical specialists, to diagnose and treat your problem right the first time. We do not utilize nurses or physician assistants to “screen” our patients.

Prescriptions, referrals and doctors orders/notes can be given via telemedicine just as with an office-based visit. You get the treatment you need and the convenience you want!


Our Mission at MoonlightMed is to take a non-biased and conservative outlook to our patients healthcare needs, while offering the same level of medical care they would receive in an office based setting, but without ever leaving the comfort of their home.

We believe in honesty, integrity and transparency; while putting some healthcare choices back in the hands of patients, which is something that our industry is beginning to lose sight of.

Please give us your feedback using the form on this page to help keep us on the right track, and let future patients know about your experience with Concierge Telemedicine at www.MoonlightMed.com!

What Patients Are Saying

MoonlightMed Testimonials

Divya G.

The best orthopedic telemedicine solution.

Payal M.

Nice online portal for ortho solutions.

Katherine D.

MoonlightMed is a super modern way to receive health related advise, from professional Physicians, and many experts from nearly every state in the USA. It’s a brilliant, very affordable, and easy to use platform. I highly recommend!