Welcome to MoonlightMed!

We are an asynchronous direct-to-consumer telehealth platform built to scale across ALL medical specialties and we are looking for true 50/50 partners to help us do just that!

As physicians, we have likely all been practicing a “version” of telemedicine for years when responding to emails and text messages/photos on our cell phones, with friends/family and colleagues asking, “Hey, what’s going on with my…” With the MoonlightMed platform, physicians can now offer the same concierge-type service to not only existing patients, but any patient in any state that the physician is licensed, via a HIPPA compliant, self-contained and cash-only, web-based service.

We are looking for physician partners to help build telehealth platforms across the various fields of medicine. Each medical specialty will represent a stand-alone telehealth “practice,” just as we have done with MoonlightOrtho.com. We have pre-purchased web domain names such as MoonlightENT.com, MoonlightDerm.com, etc.

Our physician partners/medical directors will take the existing orthopedic platform and, using their expertise from their particular field of medicine, will help re-brand the platform, while working in concert with our US-based IT development team. This will consist of relatively simple cosmetic and pricing changes to the website, as the established workflow will stay the same, thus significantly streamlining the entire process.

Is there risk? Yes, however financially it is minimal. Your “skin in the game” will be your time and medical expertise in building out the platform. With risk comes the potential for great reward, and in many cases, you may be building the FIRST stand-alone telehealth platform in your particular medical specialty, just as I did with MoonlightOrtho! However, you get the benefit of the last 2.5 years of knowledge and groundwork that I have already laid, including the medical/large telehealth minefield I’ve navigated and the business and marketing processes I’ve streamlined.

In the ever-changing world of healthcare rules and regulations, we as physicians have to constantly find new ways to offset declining reimbursements. As a MoonlightMed partner and medical director, you can practice telemedicine if you wish, or you can just sit back and collect “overhead” from the physicians using your platform. For those providers on your platform, MoonlightMed can act as an ancillary income service for their practice, a new patient and procedure generator, significantly extending their catchment area, a FREE marketing tool to set them apart from the competition, or for surgical practices, a convenience service to post-op patients.

What is the MoonlightOrtho Telehealth Platform?

MoonlightOrtho is a copyrighted website, hardcoded on 88 individual site pages, with multiple other interactive text-boxes, chat features and additional workflow solutions, in addition to stand-alone blog and forum sub-domains. Less than half of the web pages are “forward facing”, that is visible to the public, the rest are the backside “guts” and proprietary workflow of the platform.

Although MoonlightOrtho.com is really a software service at it’s heart, it offers patients the convenience of a self-contained orthopedic “practice” within our HIPPA compliant and HL-7 certified platform, including: Asynchronous Video patient/provider communication (we do NOT utilize real time or face time video, so it is more convenient on both ends) , a custom built electronic medical records system, and complete prescribing/tracking/storage capabilities, including but not limited to medications and outside referrals. We are truly a one-stop-shop for all things orthopedic, making our platform very niche and unique among existing telehealth/telemedicine platforms, and as such, our workflow solution is patent-pending. Additionally, within the Orthopedic field, we are the first to market in this space!

What else sets MoonlightOrtho® apart from competing telehealth platforms?

  • We are the ONLY orthopedic-specific, direct-to-consumer telemedicine platform
  • We have enrolled over 50 providers on the platform to date, all organically
  • We currently have Orthopedic Telehealth coverage in 30+ states
  • We are founded and led by Orthopedic Surgeons, not a corporate conglomerate
  • We offer an appealing overhead structure, much lower than an office-based practice
  • We utilize an asynchronous platform, which is what busy specialists prefer
  • We have carved out a concierge niche with direct-to-consumer pricing
  • We have formed strategic partnerships with companies offering extended services
  • We have proprietary software and have filed for a work flow patent

MoonlightOrtho® is a “triage tool”, that is, just another “arrow in our quiver” to offer patients the convenience that they are not only starting to expect, but now starting to demand. As Orthopedic Surgeons we are all trained to recognize certain patterns of pathology, and with experience can often do so without ever laying hands on the patient; MoonlightOrtho® is ideal for those patient types. We are not a trauma service, nor are we a platform for the complicated Orthopedic patient.

Additional unique and user friendly features of MoonlightOrtho® include: the ability to “Decline” a patient if you feel that their condition is better treated in an office based setting, and the ability to “Disable” yourself temporarily within the platform if you will be on vacation or otherwise unavailable. And for those physicians who no longer carry malpractice insurance, are retired, or who simply want to use the platform to beef up their advertising and self-promotion, we additionally offer the Ask-An-Ortho forum, which is a totally FREE general, advice-only service, still allowing you to be listed on the MoonlightOrtho platform.

Thank you for your open mindedness and ability to think outside of the box, our healthcare system needs more physicians like you! If you’ve taken the time to read this you are likely ready to ease into this new era of telehealth/telemedicine, and you understand that this will be the future frontlines of healthcare and clinical medicine.

So, if you have an interest in partnering with us, please reach out and I will send additional details. And when I say “partner”, I mean it; I am looking for true, forward thinking partners to joint venture with me in developing these new platforms/businesses as stand-alone entities, all under the umbrella of MoonlightMed, but completely distinct and separate from one another in terms of IT and business development.